Vishudda - Throat Chakra

Vishudda a.k.a the throat chakra is the 5th of the seven major chakras and is located in the region of the larynx. For those of you who don't know what the larynx is, it's your music maker - your voice box!. Vishudda can be translated to "pure place". It is where we purify our negative experiences and transmute them into wisdom and understanding. 

 Visha - "impurity"

suddhi - "purify"

Element - Ether - sound - hearing

Colour association - blue (represents clarity)

Essential Oils - clary sage, lavender, spearmint, cypress, peppermint

Corresponding Mantra - HAM

Animal - elephant 

The throat chakra is the first of our three primary spiritual chakra's and governs our power of choice, speaking OUR truth and our ability to listen. When our throat chakra is open we are able to orchestrate, listen and express ourselves from a higher form of communication. When we are balanced in the throat chakra, we are impeccable with our words and we can speak confidently from a place of understanding and love. Responding vs reacting. We know our throat chakra is in alignment when we can listen with our undivided attention and respond with confidence (root alignment), express our emotions clearly (sacral alignment) ,communicate our self worth humbly (Solar Plexus alignment) and express our understanding from a place of compassion (Heart Chakra alignment). When our throat chakra is aligned we can sense vibrational frequencies more easily. We sense if the vibrations we feel are in alignment with us; the people we spend time with, where we live, what we do for a living etc.

Everything is energy, energy is vibration, vibration is frequency. Sound (a.k.a ether) is a vibration, most people are aware and convinced of this (there is scientific backing). So, if words are vibrationally charged, it’s fair to say that words are energy (like everything else).

Our words are the sounds we create, and therefore they are echos of whatever we put out into the universe. Whatever we put out into the universe, will come back to us (positive or negative).

Language therefore is a VERY powerful tool for manifesting ANYTHING into our existence, especially when fuelled by intention and belief. Words cast spells, which is why it’s called spelling. Choose and use your words wisely. Make sure the ones you speak are of high vibration - they go a long way. 

It was Albus Dumbledore who said “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury and remedying it”.

So, how do we know when we might have an imbalance in the throat chakra?

Throat chakra imbalances can present themselves through emotional, behavioural and physical ailments such as issues in the throat region; The thyroid, neck vertebrae, parathyroid, larynx or hypothalamus.

Remember, unbalanced can refer to either direction on the spectrum, feeling a lack of something or feeling an overabundance of something.

If the throat chakra is lacking energy, we have a tendency to withhold our truth from others and not speak up when it may be necessary. It can be a delicate dance between saying what we mean and remaining tactful, so when blocked, we tend to quiet our voice and refrain from saying what we want. We tend to cater to what other people may want to hear as a way to avoid conflict, confrontation or judgement. Some examples of an under active throat chakra may be:

  • difficulty putting feelings into words
  • a small, weak voice that lacks resonance
  • fear of speaking
  • shy, quiet, withdrawn
  • tightness in the throat
  • You have a hard time carrying a conversation

On the other end of the spectrum, when we have an over active amount of energy pooling in this chakra we can be incessant with talking, often dominating a conversation and not being very good at listening. Often what we say has little resonance with those around us. In almost any instance where we find we cannot control what comes out of our mouths is a good indication of an imbalance. Additional examples of what an over active throat chakra may exhibit are listed below;

  • Gossiping or talking negatively about others
  • Speaking over others with no regard for their perspectives or opinions
  • talking as a defence
  • rushed or garbled speech
  • interrupting others
  • lying
  • poor auditory comprehension

Dr. David Simon gives us an excellent example of how to navigate our throat chakra when we speak. Remember, just because we are speaking our truth does not mean we get to bulldoze or be hurtful or critical of others in the process. He speaks of 3 gateways we need to consider "opening" before speaking.

1. "Is what Im about to say true?"

2. "Is what Im about to say necessary?"

3. "Is what Im about to say kind?"

If your honest answer to all three question are "yes", then it's probably safe to share.

Our chakra's respond to intention, so by surrounding yourself with as many associations to this chakra as possible, you'll increase the connection and the capacity to heal. Have a clear intention and state your goal. Our throat chakra is connected to the element of sound as well as the colour blue. Include as many chakra associations into your surrounding to connect and clear anything that may be blocking you.  Some examples of things that will help create harmony in the throat chakra are;

  • Listen to music (sounds therapy). Solfeggio frequencies, or binaural beats can be extremely helpful. Meditative music or any sort of sound that brings your body into a calm, receptive, comfortable state.
  • SING! Singing your favourite songs! Humming is another great way to get energy in this chakra moving. Activating the voice box creates vibrations that can loosen blockages in this region.
  • Repeat daily affirmations out loud and in front of the mirror.
  • Keep crystals that resonate with this chakra close to you, or on you during the day. Some good crystals for the throat chakra are turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, chrysocolla, azurite, sodalite, blue obsidian and blue calcite just to name a few 
  • Create a calm space to retreat to when you feel the need to relax or wind down. A so called "ZEN DEN" filled with all things comforting (pillows, blankets, candles, music etc.
  • Drinking and eating nourishing foods correlating to this chakra such as; blueberries, kelp and figs.
  • Meditation, yoga or any form of energy movement. Some beautiful throat opening poses are: Cat cow pose, cobra pose, fish pose, boat pose and camel pose.
  • Focus on BREATHING techniques. Breathe is vital for us to flow in life.

"Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little". - Tom Stoppered

Let's nudge the world in a positive direction together.

Sending you all so much love, and in case no body has told you today,

You Are Worthy.

 We have a beautiful meditation available for balancing the throat chakra with some breath work included which Is lead by the beautiful Alaynne West-Tweten, see Link below;

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