Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

Sahasrara a.k.a the crown chakra is the 7th, and last of the seven major energy centres. It is located at the top of your head, also known as the "crown". Sahasrara represents the pinnacle of spiritual enlightenment and the height of consciousness. It is where we enter into a non-dualistic state, there is no distinction between the observer and the observed. Trust, devotion, inspiration, happiness, and positivity all originate here.

 Element - None. Associated with spirit, space, cosmic energy and the abstract concept of existence

Colour association - Violet/white (Wisdom, connection to the divine, oneness with all)

Essential Oils -  Frankincense, myrrh, helichrysum, lavender, rose, vetiver, sandalwood, white angelica

Crystals - Herkimer diamond, clear quartz, lepidolite and selenite

Corresponding Mantra - Silence

All other chakra's have some physical representation, which makes the crown chakra the least recognized amongst the other 6 energy centres. Sahasrara has no physical attachment or tangible representation, it is pure energy. When our crown chakra is balanced, we are guided to the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level. We trust, honor, understand and have an indescribable connection with everything. Our intellect, mind, reasoning and logic have no place here.

So, how do we know when we might have an imbalance in this chakra?

When trauma occurs in our life, specific events and experiences can have more influence over certain energy centres. If we have experienced situations where we were blind to obedience and we were denied the right to question or think for ourselves, it can have a major impact on the crown chakra. Misinformation (lies), withheld information (adoption), spiritual abuse or forced religiosity, and the belief that education takes presence over curiosity, are all ways that the crown can develop major blockages.

Remember blockages can refer to imbalances on either end of the spectrum, feeling a lack of something or feeling an overabundance of something.

If the crown chakra is lacking energy, we have a tendency to feel disconnected from ourselves and others, and we are typically stuck in a set of rigid beliefs. Some examples of an under active crown chakra may be:

  • isolation
  • not wanting to be here on earth
  • excessive energy in the lower chakras
  • trouble trusting yourself and others
  • lack of belief in a higher power
  • spiritual cinycism
  • apathy
  • rigid beliefs

On the other end of the spectrum, we can have an over abundance of energy. Additional examples of what an over active crown chakra may look like are listed below;

  • confused
  • overly concerned with humanity and happenings outside of ourselves
  • disassociation from body
  • overly iintellectualization
  • spiritual addiction

A balanced seventh chakra allows us the ability to perceive with an open mind. We are gifted with wisdom, mastery and a broad understanding of ourselves and others.

Our chakra's respond to intention. By surrounding yourself with as many associations to this chakra as possible you'll increase the connection and the capacity to heal. Have a clear intention and state your goal. Our crown chakra is associated with the colour violet and white, so surround yourself with as many things that pertain to these colours. More examples and techniques that will help create harmony in the crown chakra are;

  • Taking chakra inventory. Start with the Root Chakra and work your way up your energy centres, evaluating what you feel in each chakra. Sometimes blockages sitting within our lower chakra's slow vital energy from flowing to our crown.
  • MEDITATION. Entering into some form of meditation. Meditation doesn't always mean sitting in an empty room full of silence and having no thoughts. It's natural to have thoughts. Allow them to come and go. Acknowledge the thoughts that come in, and allowing them to slip away. Refocus your mind on a mantra or affirmation with intention. We are humans with long to-do lists and having thoughts is normal! Meditating is about getting better at life, it's not about getting better at meditation.
  • Repeat daily affirmations out loud and in front of the mirror.
  • Keep crystals that resonate with this chakra, close to you or on you during the day. Some crystals for the crown chakra are; Herkimer diamond, clear quartz, lepidolite and selenite
  • Create a calm space to retreat to when you feel the need to relax or wind down. A so called ZEN DEN filled with all things comforting (pillows, blankets, candles, music etc.
  • Yoga or any form of energy movement. Poses that can be exercised to balance the third eye: Savasana, headstand, legs up against the wall while lying on your back (viparita karani mudra).
  • Focus on BREATHING techniques. Breathe is vital for us to flow in life.


Sending you all so much love, and in case no body has told you today,

You Are Worthy.

 We have a beautiful meditation available for balancing the throat chakra with some breath work included which Is lead by the beautiful Alaynne West-Tweten, see Link below;

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