Muladhara - Root Chakra

Muladhara a.k.a Root Chakra is the first of the seven major chakras. Much like a tree, it is our foundation to life and it's the chakra which all other chakra's depend upon for stability and stabilization. It represents grounding of being in the material world. When broken down this word literally means "root support" or "source foundation".

"mula" - root, source,

"adhara" - support, foundation, basis

 Element - Earth (The mother that provides energy and food)

Colour association - Red

Essential Oils - Patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, frankincense, oak moss, myrrh, spikenard, vetiver, Cypress, Balsam Fir

Corresponding Mantra - LAM

Animal - Elephant (represents wisdom)

Our root is connected to survival, development of personality, security, abundance and family just to name a few.

When our root chakra is balance we feel a sense of stability. We have a healthy relationship with our bodies, money, and when challenges are presented we are able to confidently work through them and stand on our own two feet. We are generally stable and connected to our natural instincts.

Any spiritual growth or healing, should begin with balancing this chakra first and foremost, since all other chakra's depend upon this chakra to provide support (we must first ground down before we can rise up). Knowing what to look for when it comes to blockages or imbalances can allow you to feel into what needs to be worked on. 

Remember, unbalanced can refer to either direction on the spectrum, feeling a lack of something or feeling an overabundance of something. Imbalances in the root chakra can show up when there is an insecurity surrounding our capability to survive and they can present themselves through emotions, behaviours and physical ailments (lower back pain, sciatica, constipation, water retention, or any problems with the lower extremities (knees, hips, ankles, feet etc)

Whenever you feel "stuck" and unable to move forward in life, it's a good indication that the root chakra may be under-active. Examples of an under active root chakra may exhibit the following emotions/behaviours;

  • poor boundaries (tend to be vague instead of direct)
  • suspicion
  • anxiety
  • fearfulness around money
  • searching for outside validation or approval
  • inadequicy
  • lethargic/extra tired
  • alienated/separate/depression/withdrawl

Feelings of insecurity surrounding survival can show up excessively as well. Being overly focused on money, overly controlling, hoarding, obsessive about routine or feeling threatened by change can indicate an imbalance in the root. Some more examples of an over active root chakra may display as exhibit the following emotions/behaviours;

  • easily agitated
  • angry/frustrated
  • bossy/domineering
  • egotistical
  • overtly stubborn
  • greedy/material fixations

So, if we have an imbalance, the next question is "How do we bring it back to balance?". We are glad you asked.

Our chakra's respond to intent and will, so by surrounding yourself with as many associations to this chakra as possible you'll reap your greatest benefits. This means including scents, colours, visual imagery, and sounds in your surroundings that represent the specific chakra you wish to work on. 

   It's no surprise that the root chakra is associated with the element earth (grounding) and earth is exactly what will help bring this chakra back to balance.

Some examples of things that will help create harmony in the root chakra;

  • Put your feet in the dirt! Walking bare foot on mother nature allows us to connect with the natural vibrations of the earth. There are many helpful grounding meditations to assist you as well (see link below).
  • Yoga poses or postures that represent stability, such as warrior pose and mountain pose
  • Essential oils & aromatherapy - sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, patchouli, spruce, black pepper, balsam fir, cypress, vetiver
  • Get outside and close with nature! If you aren't close to any sort of mountains, forests or walking paths, it can be as simple as sitting close to your favourite house plant (If you don't have any house plant, we suggest getting one you really like!)
  • Wear Red for an under abundant root chakra. Wear Green for an over abundant root chakra (green is the opposite of red on the colour wheel. It will typically decrease feelings associated with emotions/behaviours of an over active root - hence the suggestion to get close to nature).
  • DANCE! Let energy flow from your feet to the rest of your body! Moving, shaking and stirring stagnant energy up is a great way to keep your chakra's flowing.
  • Exercise
  • While meditating visualize strong roots weaving into the ground. Think of a sturdy trunk and a strong structure you can feel supported on. 

When our Root Chakra is balanced we feel a sense of stillness in the body. We feel safe, prosperous, grounded and strong. 

Sending you all so much love, and in case no body has told you today,

You Are Worthy.

 We have a beautiful meditation available for balancing the root, lead by Alaynne West-Tweten, see Link below;



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