Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

Manipura a.k.a the solar plexus chakra is the third of the seven major chakras. It is located just above the belly button and for this reason is also referred to as the navel chakra. Manipura is Sanskrit for "lustrous gem" or "city of jewels. It is connected to our will power, assertiveness, purpose, will to act, direction and ultimately our self worth. 

 Element - Fire

Colour association - Yellow 

Essential Oils - lemon, juniper, bergamot, peppermint, ginger, cedar, clove, ylang-ylang, sandalwood.

Corresponding Mantra - RAM

Animal - Ram & Bull 

Our solar plexus chakra is connected to our ego and our identity. When in balance we are confident, spontaneous, charismatic, responsible, playful, able to meet challenges, strong willed and we have a vibrant sense of humour.  A balanced navel chakra is evident when we have a healthy level of self worth and personal power; you understand "power" is not something you have over other people, nor are others capable of taking "power" away from you. We no longer feel the need to be right in confrontation, instead we choose to stay connected. You are aware of an inner strength that is always at your finger tips on which you can draw upon when needed. Trying new things, taking on new projects and being responsibly spontaneous isn't intimidating or challenging. You are in touch with your masculinity (whether you are male or female).

So, how do we know when our solar plexus might need a little more light, or a bit of dimming down?

Imbalances can present themselves through emotional, behavioural and physical ailments such as issues in the muscular system, the skin, the large intestine, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, pancreas, stomach and any other organs in the region of this chakra.

Remember, unbalanced can refer to either direction on the spectrum, feeling a lack of something or feeling an overabundance of something.

If the Solar Plexus chakra is lacking energy, we have a tendency to allow others to take advantage of us because we have a hard time recognizing our worth and setting healthy boundaries. When we have a difficult time recognizing our value, we can also display passive aggressive behaviour towards others when we constantly say YES to the things that we actually want to say NO to. We abandon ourselves in situations and that is where resentment can then take over. Being extra shy and avoiding situations where you may be the centre of attention can also be a strong indicator of a lack of life energy flowing to this chakra.

  • codependency (doing things out of obligation, seeking validation, poor boundaries, emotional dependence)
  • insecure
  • low standards
  • weak boundaries
  • easily manipulated/taken advantage of
  • low self worth/self esteem

On the other end of the spectrum, when we have an over active amount of energy pooling in this chakra, we can tend to be extra stubborn with our opinions and perspectives, and overly controlling of others and arrogant. We can be extra competitive with others and with ourselves. This strong willed mindset can lead us into thinking we need to be constantly busy, which in turn can have us seeking validation through outward accomplishments and our material success. Additional examples of what an over active solar plexus chakra may exhibit are listed below;

  • Insensitive to the feelings of others
  • Overly rigid in their plans, routines, and goal structures
  • Cocky/Full of themselves
  • Hard time sitting still and relaxing

Remember, our chakra's respond to intention, so by surrounding yourself with as many associations to this chakra as possible you'll increase the connection and the capacity to heal. Our solar plexus chakra is connected to the element of fire and to the sun, as well as the colour yellow. This means including scents, colours, visual imagery, and sounds in your surroundings that represent the specific chakra you wish to work on.  Some examples of things that will help create harmony in the navel chakra are;

  • Get out into the sun! Vitamin D is always great for the body, especially those of us who live North. We will take all the sunshine we can get.
  • Wear the colour yellow to increase energy flow, and wear the colour purple to decrease energy flow (purple is opposite the colour wheel and has a balancing effect on yellow).
  • Keep crystals that resonate with this chakra, close to you or on you during the day. Some good crystals for the solar plexus are citrine, honey calcite, amber and tigers eye, just to name a few.
  • Create a calm space to retreat to when you feel the need to relax or wind down. A so called ZEN DEN filled with all things comforting (pillows, blankets, candles, music etc.
  • Scents of citrus, especially lemon.
  • Drinking a glass of fresh squeezed lemon water upon waking every morning.
  • Meditation, yoga or any form of energy movement. Boat pose is a beautiful pose for balancing the navel chakra.
  • Focus on BREATHING techniques. Breathe is vital for us to flow in life.

Sending you all so much love, and in case no body has told you today,

You Are Worthy.

 We have a beautiful meditation available for balancing the solar plexus chakra with some breath work included which Is lead by the beautiful Alaynne West-Tweten, see Link below;

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